A  writer struggling to reconcile with the reality of her shrinking profession. Currently doing editorial & marketing work for Cody, a Seattle-based health & fitness startup.

Sociology grad that is slightly alarmed with the state of the world we live in.

Working on her first (and second… and third…) novel. Expect them in the next 5 to 100 years.

Accepts freelance work if it tickles her fancy.

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. hey Sophie, do you do blog awards? I know they’re kind of fluffy compared to the analytical stuff you post, but if you think it might be fun I can nominate you for the Sunshine Award. If they’re not your thing, that’s cool too!

    • I just send over the works cited to the email address you gave. If that email address is not correct- let me know.

  2. Hi Sophie,
    I am part of a huge weight loss community and someone posted your article, 1200 Calories. That really (no, I mean REALLY) changed my mindset on some things. Huge eye opener. Thank you. I have a serious question to ask you, and I’d like you to email me, so I don’t have to post it for the world to see. Thanks so much.

  3. I had to go out of my way tonight to contact you after reading something you wrote referring to the so called magic calorie number 1200 for women to lose weight. I searched Google to find out if it was ok that I only consumed 1200 calories today and I was enjoying your input and your insite on this because I was worried that since I only had time to consume 1200 today that my body may have been put into starvation mode and a lot of those calories may have been stored as fat; but you eased my mind that I was like right at the brim of it. See I’m a mom of a year and a half year old and I have lost 50 pounds and am now working at gaining lean muscle by doing strength training with dumbbells. I don’t have much time, nor energy, to work out 5 times a week and eat mindfully and healthfully… But I do it. Your comment that the people reading that article probably won’t ever look like said super model is SO completely…. Ignorant. To say the very least. Anyone with the drive and the physical ability to exercise and eat right can achieve any look they freaking want. It’s called self discipline and motivation. So speak for yourself dude. Maybe YOU couldn’t achieve a toned look and maybe YOU don’t have the self discipline to just eat food that’s meant to go in your body, but don’t ever give the false impression that living a healthy productive lifestyle is too far to reach for the average person. Because it’s not.

    • Thanks for your thoughts! Although the fact that this is my personal blog – not a health magazine or self-help book – does mean I am speaking for myself, dude.

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